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Easy to use CMS for business users and developers.

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What is headless CMS?

The front-end component (the head) of the a headless CMS has been stripped from the backend. Developers can deliver content on any device by customising the interface with any frameworks, using any other programming languages. Business users can edit and manage content for not just websites but also mobile apps in iOS or Android.

Skygear CMS benefits Business Users

Dashboard for app and mobile

Skygear headless CMS is a content management system for apps and web. Business users can manage content on website and mobile apps in 1 place. You can edit the content without bothering developers.

Since the interface has been stripped and removed from its backend, frontend developers are free from the conventions and structures of the backend. They can then have full control over the user experience using their native tools. Business users can make good use of this flexibility to tailor-make a site oriented by content they want.

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Skygear Headless CMS benefits Developers

Dashboard for app and mobile

Go big, pay light. Once your website or mobile app got more traffic, Skygear's cloud storage is easy for developers to scale up. Our pay as you use pricing plan can save the expenditure on server side.

Traditional CMS like Wordpress need PHP developer for implementing the site. With Skygear headless CMS, you can get any type of front-end developers. They can be familiar with any frameworks such as Angular, Ionic, Bootstrap, Ember, or Backbone.

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