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Skygear is an open source development kit for mobile, web & IoT apps.
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All essential functions on the backend, without building your own.

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push notifications

Push Notifications

User Management

User management

Social Network

Social Network

Geo location

Geo location



Social Login

Social Login


Real time data sync

CMS for mobile

CMS for mobile

cloud service

With Skygear, you can build your apps faster without starting everything from scratch.

cloude service

Extend your app with rich collection of reusable plugins. Writing chat app, messenger bots and even social platforms made easy.

cloude service

No longer worry about deployment. One click is all it takes to launch your application!

Spend your creativity on the app frontend

We take care of your backend

Your app frontend is where the user interaction takes place. Focus more on crafting your application. All backend troubles such as data storage, user authentication, push notifications, background jobs, or pub-sub. You can leave them all to us.

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Android SDK


React js


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