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Skygear, an open source serverless platform for modern app development

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Cross Platform

Access the APIs via the Android, iOS and JS SDK.

Deploy In Secs

Deploy microservices or cloud functions in secs with SkyCLI

Reusable Micro-services

Secure and out-of-the-box user authentication services at your fingertips.


Leverage the latest infrastructure technology and enjoy auto scalability.

Just Push Your Code

Skygear allows developers to deploy microservices or cloud functions to production with a simple command line, and invoke the functions in the app via the Skygear SDKs configured with the right endpoint. Leave all the backend troubles to us. Just push your code.

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Secure User Authentication Service

Most apps require user authentication. Skygear provides a secure user authentication service out-of-the-box that can be integrated with your microservices or cloud functions seamlessly. Save time reinventing the wheel!

Login with username and password
Google, Facebook, LinkedIn login
Passwordless login
Email/SMS verification
Forgot password
Password policy
Session management
2-Factors Authentication

Extensive Services Marketplace

There will be more out-of-the-box services to come: push notifications, real-time chatroom and CMS. These are common functions required by most apps and it is our vision to free developers from writing similar logic all over again and again.

Say GoodBye to Vendor Lock-in

The least thing developers want is vendor lock-in. We learnt from the experiencnes of the shut down of Parse and we decide to open source Skygear from day 1. Developers are given the freedom to migrate from the Skygear platform anytime.

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Coming Soon...

Native iOS app
with Node.js runtime
Native Android app
with Node.js runtime
Reactjs app
with Node.js runtime
React Native app
with Node.js runtime


What backend programming languages do you support?

We support Node.js, Python and Go at this moment. You can also choose to deploy a Docker image.

Is Skygear free?

You can use the open source community edition for free. If you do not want the hassle to manage the servers, you can also subscribe to the Skygear cloud services.

How is Skygear different from other serverless solutions?

We strive to bring serverless to app development. While most serverless solutions focus just on the ease to deploy serverless workloads, we intead focus on reinventing the backend development experiences and provide an integrated app development ecosystem for developers.

How can I connect my database to Skygear?

At this moment, you can subscribe to any managed database services and add the database url to Skygear as a secret so that you can access the database within the Skygear ecosystem.

About Us

We are a team of expert experienced on digital product development. Skygear is a cloud backend for making web, mobile and IoT app development easier.

Coming from v1?

If you are a previous Skygear v1 user and needed support, please don't hesitate to contact us via email.