Looking for Parse Alternatives?

Skygear is an open-source backend for mobile and web apps. Try and evaluate Skygear for free, for sure.

Cloud database
Cloud Database
Store your data on the cloud

Store and sync data to our cloud PostgreSQL storage. You can also store and query JSON objects. It is faster more flexible and scalable than other relational databases.

Boost User Engagement and Retention

Conveniently add features such as adding, blocking or removing friends. Without any extra coding effort, Skygear automatically makes all the messages sent from a particular platform compatible with all the other platforms your app is on.

User management
User Management
Manage permission to content

Not only can you create, update or delete users, but also set permissions to limit their access to content. You can further secure sensitive information of users by adding session tokens.

Geo Location
Geo Location
Track and report location to servers and users

You can track your users' GPS and syncs the metadata to the database. Users can show their location to others users and associate real-world events and points of interests.

Social Network
Social Network
Grow virally with social shares

With a few lines of codes, you can set up social sharing features in every of your app. Skygear right now supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr platform.

Social Login
Social Login
Connect your users with third party social network

With Skygear social login, you can enable users to signup and login with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus with just a few lines of code.

Cross platform
Real Time Data Sync
Sync data instantly

When you build a cross-platform app with our iOS, Android and Javascript SDKs, all the data will sync to the cloud database in real time. You users can receive the newest update automatically.

data sync
Offline Data Sync
Stay responsive in spite of network latency or Internet connectivity

Your users can still enjoy using your app offline since Skygear provides local datastore. All changes made by the users will be saved locally and later sync to database once the network lives again.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Make sure you users never miss an update

Keep your users notified by sending them targeted messages, special offers or alerts based on user ID or device ID. Skygear supports both Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) and Apple Push Notification Service(APN).

CMS for Mobile App
Customize headless CMS For Everything

You can create and publish your content to your web and mobile apps. Marketers, designers and sales can manage, search, and update the web and mobile without bothering developers.