About Skygear

What is Skygear and the story of it.

Why we build Skygear

With 7 years of experience on mobile app development, we have invested in MBaaS such as Parse.com, CloudKit, Kinvey to help speed up our development. However the lack of extensibility makes it difficult to maintain and scale up.

That's why we developed Skygear - started as an in-house reusable, extensible and scalable Backend-as-a-Service. We open-source Skygear so that the community, startups and entreprise can build web, mobile and IoT apps a lot easier.

We believe a healthy ecosystem can empower everyone to contribute and build stronger applications together.

What is Skygear

Skygear is a all-in-one backend for web and mobile apps. It includes all essential features that you need for an application, such as:

  • User Authentication
  • User Management
  • Data Storage and Synchronization
  • Social Login
  • Push Notification
  • CMS for mobile
  • Learn more

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