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Skygear is an extensible back-end services for iOS, Android and Web apps.

Adding features made simple

Skygear equips you with handy SDKs and APIs for esstential functions on the backend. All these modules can be used together or sperately!

Cloud Database

Save and retrieve records from a cloud PostgreSQL database with ease.

User Authentication

Authenticate your users with username, email, or other providers like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more.

Real-time Messaging

Create direct or group conversations and send messages effortlessly. Support metadata and file assets.

Cloud Functions

Extend your app back-end functionalities by writing your custom functions. Support Python and JavaScript.

Manage your database with direct access

Skygear uses PostgreSQL and gives you the direct access of the database of your app. Advance database operations, such as database backup, schema migration and reports generation can all be done with any PostgreSQL client.

Extend functaionalities easily with cloud functions!

Skygear provides not just APIs but an ecosystem of everything your app needs! For example, you want to make sure users sign up with an avator, you can extend the sign up API with the before_save hook to check the input at the backend.

Host Skygear with us or on your own server

It's always your choice: whether you want to host it yourself, or by us, cloud or on-premise. Skygear cloud services is perfect for developers who do not have the infrastructure and resources to maintain the server. It comes with default horizontal scalability.

Skygear works with all these platform

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